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We tilled up a 1/2+ acre. I'm expanding the horse pen by an acre also.

I am working toward some food independence - as I can't do the cow/farm animal slaughter thing - I figure I can at least have a good producing garden - I did in Houston with FAR, FAR less land. But I'm starting with 1/2. I found a HUGE variety of things to plant - A LOT of them will be staying in containers, especially the herbs.

We have the business for sale & so far only two calls - the economy sure isn't helping...

I just want what I moved here for - peace.
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I've been looking into being self sufficent here on the property. I know it would be a few year undertaking to get it established properly - biggest concern would be making the house note, taxes, & insurance. We talked with our neighbor who is in *it* full time (with WAY more land) and he was honest - don't count on the farm making the money because it most likely will not. He's been around the block & he has come from a similar background - self employeed, sick of the BULLSHIT. He & his wife got ride of the majority & bought the land. He really understands our *wants* - and is more than willing to help in any way he can.

Taking two days off from the stress of work (well actually I don't have any work of my own) had helped some - I've enjoyed spending today dragging tons of dead wood to the burn pile in the trator. Yesterday I caught the ladies & proceeded to take turns with them... something I'm fixing to do again... Something about being on top of a horse. My two are such opposites - one stubborn alpha bitch & one follower that will do ANYTHING you ask of her.

Well I guess I'm looking to ride in a few....
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Supposed to be the happy half!

Well Baby Reo (Cheyenne's baby) now belongs to Dee (horse trainer, stable owner, riding instructor) - my best guess is Christy didn't pay the bill - DUH... I had offered to bring him here once he was gelded, but Christy had no part of it... Stupid woman.

The Rotten Crew is doing well - hopes that maybe we'll have some Rottie pups in the future... Not sure yet...

We are *picking up* our tractor as we speak... Well WE were going together & my work interfered.. So David is on his way back with our first REAL tractor. See it soon I hope.

Once it is home, I'll get pics - probably in the AM as it is now Dark... More on the happy side, soon, soon....
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Well now that *I'm back in the saddle* - I realize I need to get a GOOD western saddle.

Suggestions of brandnames, etc. would be nice....

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Well in addition to the *fatty tumor* question... I pressed Christy about Reo again.

I came about it as a learning experience... I just SO want to save this young lad.... If he stays wild here - so be it...

I'd rather see him healthy than neglected.

Just pisses me off - at his state - he isn't considered *neglected* - just a technical *difficulty*.....

I just SO wish I wasn't such an Dang animal person....
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About Cheyenne - she belongs to her - not the lady that brought her here....

She said her heart wasn't there, as she was never given the chance to get to know her & love her....

So me *thinks* I can start to open my heart (well wider, ok) to this girl.

I didn't want my heart to crushed for the billionth time....

Back to your regular schedule!
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Seems that Christy found a house with 3/4 acre.  She is going to get more details later in the week.  However, turns out she & this lady know a lot of the same people....  so she offered to finance the house to her with no money down.  $250/month with Christy promising to give her extra dollars from the sell of her (IMHO - one step above a puppy mill-grrr) puppies once a year. <lj-cut>

She is very excited (& I am for her and her alone) - she is already talking about baby boy going to this place - hum.  While I understand  her wanting to stay in the horse business (not literally) and keep her final colt, I have serious, justified reservations.  I haven't officially *met* and been around Reo, so my heart isn't involved.  However, I know that she can't provide for him what is needed & then keeping him alone on 3/4 acre, that will include her home, dog kennel(s) and who knows what else.  She is bad about collecting junk.....

After I broke my ribs, I asked her to come help me with Katy (the one with the horrid hooves caused by HER lack of care) as I was unable to clean her feet & it was very necessary at that stage - to get them properly oiled...  She only managed to do two hooves, then started practically turning blue.  She is seriously overweight & her knees are shot.

The good is that she'll have to deal with him in that close of contact, buy what kind of care?  The two I have now sure did lack that.  

I can only hope.  I probably wasn't ready to train a colt, but I had already located a trainer.  I also have swapped a convertible top for 12, 2 hour lessons of my choice - riding, training, or just pick her brain...  Of which will be used & useful.  I KNOW I have a lot of learning to do.  And I'm NOT affraid to ask advice or get that help....

Hope for Reo is all I got.  </lj-cut>

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All my SO said - I guess he is coming soon?  <lj-cut>
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Horsey research.  All my previous research has been on care, food, etc...  Now I've got a little time to dig deeper into the *breed* thang...  <lj-cut>

Seems Katy is a paint called a Tobiano*.

Princess Chey seems to be a Tovero*.

Both are considered grade* horses because of lack of paperwork...  But it is amazing how they each would be perfectly marked in the show world.  

Off to shoot firecrackers....

*new words for today  8^)   </lj-cut>


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I managed to get three of 4 pictures taken.  Hard to believe this is a HUGE improvment in her hoofs.  The farrier is very happy with my care, but as you can see we got a LONG way to go.....

There was too much going on tonight to get better pics - hungry horses, man working on lawnmower for the billlionth time....

So I'll end the night with a kiss...

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